The Mini Hedge Fund – What is it?

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Many hands make light work. Many algorithms means more profit in many cases…

Trusted Binary Reviews research:

A few months ago after testing out many binary options trading programs, we discovered that even the best auto trading algorithms weren’t able to deal with 100 per cent of market conditions. There was always an event at some point which confused the software and invariably ended up making a loss – either a loss in the day’s profits, or in many cases, a complete loss of the trading balance, depending on the severity of the market volatility.

Now this is totally normal with current technologies. Although the very best of trading software is normally reserved for the elite of the trading world (hedge fund companies, trading houses and banks etc), we are starting to see partial algorithms ‘trickle’ into more consumer focused applications. But even this kind of technology cannot make complete accurate market predictions within the constraints of binary options markets at all times.

The best of the recent generation software can achieve around 80% ITM (in the money) rate in most scenarios. But if you have a bad day, this can wipe your balance. Unfortunately sometimes this happens quite early on, when most people haven’t built up enough of a balance to sustain a large sequence of losing trades. So it’s always worth bearing that in mind. Ultimately binary options trading is risky (whether trading manually or with software assisting) and it is never advised for those in a tricky financial situation to use trading to get out of a hole.

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Better to hedge than put all your eggs in one basket…

Having said that… there are some things that you can do to take full advantage of the different algorithms in the top binary options software. After months of extensive testing, we have found out that by hedging your investment across multiple trading programs, your overall profit can be massively improved. By splitting an investment across 3 or 4 platforms instead of just 1, the variation in the different trading algorithms allows the diversification and spreading of risk. So for example if program A has a losing day, and programs B,C and D all have profitable days, the loss is mitigated and overall profit is generated.

The mini hedge fund is merely the term used to refer to the top binary options trading programs / signals which work well together following extensive testing. Here at Trusted Binary Reviews we test everything and keep the mini hedge fund list up to date with the very best performing combination. So keep checking back regularly as different products are added and removed according to their overall profitability.

Now we’ve said all that, here we have July 2016’s top picks for the binary options mini hedge fund…

Best Auto Trader Hedge Combinaton (use different brokers)



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Best Manual Signals

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