Hi Guys!

I’ve had loads of emails every day asking for this, so here it is as a download!

Single Broker Version:

Trade History Chart Blank

Multi Broker Version:

Trade History Chart Blank Multi Broker

And once again here’s the video on how to use it:


  1. Andy

    Hi Louis,
    Please can I first say what an inspiration you are to us.
    You have given me hope for the future.
    So please could you do one video on yourself, a day in the life of Louis Harris.

    Thank you so much,


  2. Mathias

    Hi there

    Why do i get only 3 signals today 3 mars? Can i do something in settings so i get more signals?
    I have 85% Strength above

    • Louis Harris

      Hi – email me info@trustedbinaryreviews.net and I’ll let you know about the mini hedge fund people are using to maximise profits

  3. Edwin

    Thank you for the charts, Louis. Will you send me a copy of the profitability graph? Thanks again and your youtube channel is excellent.

  4. Hi Louis what assets are you trading on social tech trader im on all of them ps I got binary book and got in for 300 usd thanks

    • Louis Harris

      Hi Dean I have them all on right now

  5. Also Louis I plan on using the Centument software in the near future as I have seen all the good reviews and I have noticed that Porter Finance seems to be the best broker for that software and they allow US traders yay, but when I sign up incase they try to give me another broker instead of Porter Finance I was planning on calling them up and seeing if they will connect me to the software, as I know now that can be done as when I signed up for the TT I actually got a broker called chrome x and I had never heard of them, and 2 minutes later I get a call from Safe Option and they told me that they work with TT, and Cash Camp software’s and they could connect me right to the software if I would trade with them so I did so what is your advice on that, and if the TT does not do better for me over the next few days of trading then I am going to shut it down as I am using your trade recommendation and I started at $25 a trade and 90% signal strength and I won 3 out of 4 trades the first day then I turned the auto trader back on last Thursday night, and it lost 3 trades in a row so if it does not bounce back over the next few days I will stop using it, and the crocks over at Safe Option will not let you open an account with $250 as there minimum balance is $500 to start and the initial guy who called me was trying to get me to start with 1 to 2 Thousand or more, and I told him I would not do that, and he said they do not let people start with less then $500 anymore with them because they make to small of commissions so they sound like a bunch of greedy pigs over at safe option even though they are an EU regulated broker so please give your thoughts on this issue. Thanks

    • Louis Harris

      Again, over zealous broker salespeople. Just exercise caution when talking directy to the broker, regulated or not

  6. Hi Louis I would like to know since testing out all these new Binary software’s and dealing with a lot of Brokers how do you deal all these account managers calling you up and trying to make deals with you on how they can trade for you or help you learn to trade better. I used your link for Trend Trader and got Safe Option and they are an EU Regulated broker, but I had a question on the trading platform and I get a call from one of there account managers, and I told him I was using the TT software and he started telling me how he could help me trade better, and that the TT software could not do better then his trade recommendation etc, and we could do some trading together, and he sounded like a SNAKE OIL Salesman. And I did not like that, so how do you deal with these people as with my Forex trading I never have to deal with anyone calling me up trying to make deals with me. Also there is a new auto bot trader called Tauribot which has gotten a very good review from Binary Option Watchdog so test it out when you get a chance.

    • Louis Harris

      Hi Doug. I often use a fake number. Also, I don’t believe anything the broker salespeople say. I’ve heard stories of these ‘traders’ burning through people’s money very fast. I’d rather take my chances with the software, or trade myself and at least learn something along the way…

  7. Mr Jamie stokel

    Hello Louis.I having somewhat stumbled on your site by chance.I just want to know more on the trade trender as I am looking for a set and forget account. I am really interested in the markets but I am a complete novice.How good is Trade Trender ?.I have a few hundred to invest depending on suggestions.

    Look forward to your reply.


      • Jamie

        Hello Louise,

        Appreciate what you are doing here.But i would love to have a chat either on Facebook or via email ?.

        Just seen reviews and i have a few more questions before i take the plunge.


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